Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Present from the UK

My aunt, Aunty Nine, just got back from vacation in the UK. She went there with her husband and her youngest daughter, Zowe, to meet up with her eldest daughter, Amal, who has just completed her course, Diploma in Sports science at Worcester University. They had a wonderful two weeks of traveling to many places in the UK: Hull, Portsmouth, Winchester, etc. and did a lot of shopping there too. And she got me this recipe book from Next. So thoughtful~ It is a collection of yummy chocolate cakes, cookies, fondue recipes. But I haven't really got the time to go through the book. I just flipped through and one recipe caught my eye. Insyallah, if I have free time in the near future I will try to attempt the recipe. See you soon, okies cookies? =)

-Aunty Nine-

-Aunty Nine and her husband, Uncle Marley-

-Aunty Nine and Uncle Marley with their two beloved daughters, Zowe and Amal-

Thanks for the gift! In fact, GIFT-S! *winks to Amal and Zowe*


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small Size Issue

Dearest beloved customers of Orked's,
I would like to apologize with all my heart for not selling Orked's Cheese Dessert in small sizes. This is due to the prevention of wastage of ingredients. FYI, this dessert contains both cream and cheese, which has a very short life span compared to butter. If I do have to keep the leftovers for future use, then I can't guarantee the freshness of your desserts. This is also one of the reasons why I need to check for cream and cheese availability in stores before I can confirm your order. Because I buy them especially to make your cheese desserts and sell it to you with guaranteed quality of freshness. And since Brunei has such insufficient supply of cream and cheese as well. However, if you insist on buying the dessert in small size I will definitely make them for you. But for only a minimum order of two. That way, you will have them in small sizes and I won't have any cream and cheese leftovers in my fridge. One good news for both you and me! =) Thank you for reading this post and I hope you understand this matter. This is for the sake to provide products of good qualities for all of you. For your enjoyment as well as your indulgence.

Lots of love,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Variation of Orked's Cheese Dessert

I was doing grocery shopping when Qeen texted me up and asked if she could order Orked's Cheese Dessert with Mini Oreos. So, I surveyed the price of the Mini Oreo and agreed to make one for her.

Mini Oreos

Days before that, I made another variation of Orked's Cheese Dessert. It was for my fiance's "Doa Selamat" on a Saturday night before he leaves to study abroad the following Tuesday. This time, I've substituted the original crushed biscuits base with crushed Oreo base and stuffed Merci Crocant Chocolates in the creamy cheese filling.

-Crushed Oreo base-


Orked's Merci Crocant Cheese Dessert is selling at the price of $20. And if you want it with crushed Oreo base, just simply add $2. Don't hesitate to ask for your fave candy bars. I will definitely try my best to fulfill your indulging dreams.

*It is recommended to order one day in advance.
**Subject to availability.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congratulations to Orked's 200th Fan on Facebook!

Daniel Fu clicked on "Become A Fan" on Orked's Facebook fan page without realising that he is the 200th fan. He is now entitled to bring home with him the Orked's Cheese Dessert with three types of candy bars of his choice: Snickers, Kit Kat and Maltesers. Congratulations Daniel!

-Daniel Fu-
Photo taken from his Facebook.

Stay tuned with Orked's on Facebook and blog to win more Orked's desserts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Become a Fan of Orked's on Facebook and Stand a Chance to Win a Dessert by Orked's!

Be the 200th fan of Orked's on Facebook (click here to become a fan) and bring home with you the Orked's Cheese Dessert with three types of candy bars of your choice!

A range of candy bars for you to choose from:

Kit Kat

Toblerone (Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat)

M&M's Peanuts

M&M's Milk Chocolate





Friday, October 30, 2009

Orked's Ultimate Cheese Dessert Indulgence

It was Sunday when Zahirah asked me on Facebook if it's possible to order Orked's Cheese Dessert with FIVE TYPES OF CHOCOLATES!

-Zahirah Osman with her fiance-
Picture taken from Facebook

I was pretty surprised with her request because to me, Orked's Maltwickers Cheese Dessert is the most I can handle as it is packed with THREE TYPES OF CHOCOLATES: Maltesers, Twix and Snickers in the creamy cheese layer. I made Maltwickers Cheese Dessert last weekend for a function at home. As usual, I experimented my desserts on my family before officiating it for sale. And everybody approved it! Alhamdulillah! However, Zahirah's request is one odd request. I couldn't help myself! I was so tempted to attempt this extremely chocolate-y dessert and actually, accepted her order! So, I calculated the price for this ultimate dessert and Zahirah agreed on paying for it. Happily! Yes, the chocolate fanatic, Zahirah was in pure bliss when I confirmed her order. *giggles*

-Maltesers, Twix, Mars, Snickers and M&M's (peanuts)-

Upon her order, I also asked her to come up with a name for this cheese dessert as a token of appreciation for her courage to order this ultimately indulging dessert from Orked's. This cheese dessert is now known as "Choco Fabulous Cheese Dessert". Specially named by Zahirah Osman. Thanks Zah!

IMG_0004 copy
-Super-saturated creamy cheese layer-

Enjoy Choco Fabulous Cheese Dessert by Orked's at the price of B$26 only. Order yours now by calling up 2460896 or texting up 8962702 or email to

*It is recommended to order one day in advance.
**Subject to availability.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Zary Zar wanted Maltesers and Orked's fulfilled her wishes =)

-Zary Zar-
Picture taken from her Facebook

IMG_0147 copy


-An inch of pure satisfaction according to Jurin-

-Comes in a 10 inch diameter round container-

Are you starting to drool after having seen all these? Wait no more and order Orked's Maltesers Cheese Dessert now by calling 2460896 or text to 8962702 or email at!

*It is recommended to order one day in advance.
**Subject to availability.